When the usurers headed by that humanitarian

Aquiline Lorenzo of Florence

Invented Renaissance to justify imposing

A caterpillar-butterfly concept of future

Massive advertising was the task of Michelangelo and Co.

“Humana” from Manchford

Husbands started to borrow from themselves

For new dresses, jewelry and concubines

(the wives looked after the arsenal as always)

It was enough to show lapis lazuli

Stone of the sage who witnessed a miracle

That the payee has a tomorrow

And that the one of tomorrow will pay for

The one of today

Mutual hypnosis, anality, the Fuehrer, progressive lenses

dialectics and moustached promisers all surfaced

Lions, bears and gladiators were removed from the circus

Poetry gave way to the novel as idleness was born

And necessity domesticated with a whole spectrum of diagnoses

New values were born completely unfamiliar to flagellants

Between two self-confirming self-negations

Journalistic arbiters, columnists and critics were born

All those rats addicted to so-called news

Prophets of so-called future and spokesmen of philosophy

get into more debt only we know when its enough

Then you will end up as a dog

Renato Karamehic




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